Rivulets + Nadja + Boduf Songs = Infinite Light Ltd.

Often, when I hear about collaborations involving a favoured artist, I have to look up who the other parties are. That’s generally a good thing, of course, as it opens up a whole new sound and discography to explore. With this upcoming release by collective Infinite Light Ltd, however, I’m not only aware of each individual artist, but consider myself a fan of them all.

While surprised (and I don’t even know why, though I never would have predicted it, it somehow makes sense), I was definitely intrigued to learn Nathan Amundson (Rivulets), Aidan Baker (Nadja et al) and Mat Sweet (Boduf Songs), had teamed together for what sounds like one of the more interesting projects this year.

While musically the project seems to have resulted in an eclectic mix (folk, blues, electronica, post rock and ambient drone), each artist brings a unique form of closeness (for lack of a better word) in their other work, so I’m keen to hear how those respective intimacies will play out. Or off one another, as the case may be.

Released May 13, you can pre-order the album now, or stream three of the album’s ten tracks, over on Denovali. Having taken a quick listen,  I’m certainly looking forward to hearing the album in full.



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