Spring Sampler from mini50

I often look at pictures of distant places wistfully. I think about visiting, and seeing things I’ve never seen before. Like frozen lakes and snow, natural rainforests with moss covered rocks and giant ferns, Père Lachaise, the Serengeti… There is much in the world that has gone sight unseen (other than pictures), yet I still get an innate sense of affinity from them, and I wonder if I would truly feel elsewhere if I did indeed visit.

The last few days haven’t been my favourite ever. While I dream of far away places, I’m the kind of person that likes being home, having my own space and my own things around me. I once said to an old friend, after a move, that “I can make my home anywhere”. This is true, in part, I just need the things around me to be mine.

Right before I started packing all my things, I decided to grab this release, and listened to it as I filled box after box with all my things. As I type this, two days later, I’m sitting on the end of my niece’s bed, hunched over a lap-top with headphones in place (which I have to say I don’t like wearing). I brought little that is mine with me – my computer, some clothes and coffee pretty much sums up the most of it.

When I woke up today, I switched on my computer and listened to this again – and there it was, something that comes from the other side of the world, though maybe not belonging to me in the strictest sense, I still get the feeling of having something more with me that’s mine, such is the wonderful familiarity music can bring, and I can feel at home.

The sampler features artists on the Scottish label mini50, including the previously reviewed Conquering Animal Sound (you may also wish to read the [sic] review for an English translation) and The Kays Lavelle, as well as tracks from future releases by Caught In The Wake Forever and David Newlyn; and that’s just the half of it. Rounding out the release is Cory Zaradur, Chris Tenz, Mammoeth and Language of Landscape.

While quite a varied bunch of tracks, today it was a very soothing listen.

You can grab this now as a name your price (including $0) download from Bandcamp, or visit here for more information about the featured artists.



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