Brain Dead Burockracy – S/T EP

If you’re anything like me… Well, maybe that sentence should start with if you’re as old as me, then you’ll remember way back when the music industry wasn’t an industry at all. Rock and roll just rocked; it was raw, hardcore and your parents (may have) thought it was dangerous.¹

Brain Dead Burockracy very much bring that kind of old-school flavour to the blend of metal, stoner/hard rock on offer on their self-titled EP. Because of the nostalgia inherent in “the way rock n’ roll used to be”, my mind is throwing back to bands I dug “back then” when I listen to this – like Living Colour, Jane’s Addiction and Suicidal Tendencies; who all similarly had a foot firmly planted in metal, but who each threw a few surprising things into the mix.

It’s nice to get a reminder that straight up rock and roll aint dead – if you think you’re due for one, you can check ’em out here, and grab this EP by signing up for the mailing list. On the 29th of April, BDB will also be releasing a new single titled Erase, available for a limited time as a free download.


1. I think this is more due to the fact that when we’re knee-high to a grasshopper, we tend to be unaware that there’s a world not just greater than our own perspectives in existence, but that it runs deeper than we could possibly imagine. In our youth – or at least in mine – all musicians were rich and famous, but yet the only money you really gave any thought to being involved in the music “business” was how much of your pocket money you had to set aside each week to get the latest record/tape/CD, and ‘image’ only referred to the front cover. The reality of things has always been quite different, of course, but on the cusp of that innocence being lost, you briefly reside in that wonderful age where you start paying attention to different things for different reasons and you believe in just about all of it with a heartfelt dedication that goes on to form the basis of our nostalgic reminiscences.

Additional Disclaimer: My mother did not consider rock and roll dangerous. She did however consider some of its fans dangerous – I was allowed to attend a Poison concert at 13, but not a Metallica concert. If I remember correctly, I believe her reasoning involved the assumption that more people would be on drugs at the latter show.


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