Something To Do With 15 Minutes

…Besides be famous, that is.

Ok, so being famous is (probably) a lot more fun, but I’m sure if you filmed yourself while taking the survey I’m about to encourage you to take, you could either pretend it was a voyeuristic member of the paparazzi and get increasingly infuriated at being filmed during such a private, domestic moment; or dress up and recite your favourite Shakespeare/Spielberg movie/Simpsons quotes, thus feeling a bit like a star – put it on YouTube and send me a link. I promise I’ll watch it¹.

That’s how much fun surveys can be!

No, seriously, it’s 45 questions. About music – the way you acquire it, mostly. It’ll take around 15 minutes to answer all the questions (a little more if you have more to do/say than tick the boxes next to appropriate answers), but you don’t even have to do that and can skip any you don’t want to answer.

The answers will help me with a feature article I have planned for the future, and assist some decision-making in regards to a different project currently in the works, so anyone who takes the time to answer even just a few of the questions will have my eternal gratitude; which is pretty much it in terms of what I can offer those who generously volunteer their time (well, that and a modicum of voyeurism – see 1).

Also, if you happen to know one of those rare souls who love doing surveys, please send them the following link.

Click here to take my super-awesome survey



  1. Offer applies to the first minute only – or until there’s nudity, whichever happens sooner.
  2. May not be super-awesome; individual user-experience and awesomeness are subject to various conditions  that are beyond my control.

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