How Much “Maw” Do You Want?

I know I already mentioned this a while back, but I received a copy of Maw just the other day, thus completing my Her Name Is Calla collection (from The White and The Skin onwards, anyway); so to celebrate, I went Bitstripping at 2 in the morning.

That actually sounds a little nasty, but you know what I mean. I hope. If not, Bitstrips is where anyone with or without talent can produce comic strips like the one above in a mere matter of moments.

It is perhaps a travesty how easy the internet makes it to convince myself I have awesome comic powers and then foist the results on my readers, but I promise I’m trying to use said “powers” for good and not evil…mostly.

As always, the cover art for the EP is something special unto itself, and Denovali have done a great job bringing it all to life with simple, but top quality packaging.

The limited clear gold and black haze vinyl editions  (100 originally available) sold out pretty quick, but you can still get the standard black vinyl edition (200 originally available) . This won’t be re-pressed, so once it’s gone your only option will be to grab the download from the Bandcamp page. Which you can anytime, anyway.

Get the vinyl here or here.



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