Thanks For Your Time

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the recent music format survey, it was awesome to get well more than 10x the number of respondents than the last little survey I ran. The results, while still serving as a fairly general indication, supported a number of pre-existing thoughts and contradicted a few others, so all up it’s been an interesting and worthwhile endeavour, as well as a great help to the associated projects I have in mind.

I’ve emailed a copy of the results to all participants who requested them, and also uploaded a copy of the results in a pdf document, which can be viewed in your browser by clicking the link below or downloaded by right-clicking and selecting ‘save as’.

As yet, I have done only a small amount of data interpretation and analysis, so the results are predominantly raw data, but do give some insight to the most popular choices when it comes to finding, buying and listening to music. The general focus of the survey was intended to detect any difference between how music is valued on digital formats vs. physical formats, and while we all know most people expect to pay less (or nothing) for a digital download, I also had an interest in how a digital release is valued once it is part of someone’s music collection – my questions were not particularly in-depth or probing in that regard, but the survey did turn up a few interesting results.

Once again, sincere thanks to those who gave of their time to complete the survey, it is hugely appreciated.

Music Format Survey Results



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