Denovali Launches MP3 Store

Many will already know of a certain fondness I have for the label Denovali, which has much more to it than my HNIC favouritism. With releases from many other stellar (and highly recommended artists), including The Killimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble / Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, Blueneck, Infinite Light Ltd, Birds Of Passage et al, as well as the fact that they put serious thought and care into their physical products, there’s nothing not to love about the work they do.

For those who prefer the digital format, Denovali have just launched their own MP3 store, which can be found here. Coinciding with the launch is the special release of a label sampler, containing a massive 40 tracks and running just shy of 5 hours (all MP3s at 320kbps, so keep that in mind if you have limited data usage). I may or may not have my count correct, but from a quick scan I noted around 37 different contributing artists to the compilation, so there’s been almost no stone unturned when putting this together. Check out Nordic Lake Sounds Vol. III here – priced at €10 you can’t get much better value for money. Unless it’s free.

Speaking of free (here’s the “but wait! there’s more!!” bit), along with the various albums you can purchase in MP3 format, there’s a total of 17 different releases you can get for free. There really can’t be a better way to introduce yourself to a great label, and some awesome artists, so head over to this page and check ’em out.

Oh, and while all of these are being offered for free, you can also donate an amount of your choosing (via PayPal) on each release page, which is always the best way to show your support for music you dig.

Here’s the full list of titles available for free, just in case you’re actually still here twiddling your thumbs:

  • Celeste – Misanthrope(s)
  • Celeste – Morte(s) Nee(s)
  • Celeste –  Nihiliste(s)
  • Celeste – Pessimiste(s) EP
  • Heirs – Alchera
  • Her Name Is Calla – Long Grass EP
  • Iroha & Fragment. – Bittersweet EP
  • Kidcrash & Coffin Dancer – Split
  • Kidcrash – Jokes
  • Kidcrash – Snacks
  • Kodiak – S/T
  • Lento – Icon
  • Mihai Edrisch – L’un Sans Lautre
  • Neil On Impression – Loceano Del Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre
  • Omega Massif – Geisterstadt + Kalt
  • Revok – Bad Books And Empty Pasts
  • Terminal Sound System – Tour EP



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