New Label Launched – Two Hands Music

Things got a bit quiet for a while here on S4E, and there’s a little bit for me to catch up on, but this is one of the reasons why.

Two Hands Music is a new, independent label, officially launched this week and run by a good friend of mine in the UK, with me tagging along and generally making a nuisance of myself. So, for the last couple of months, while they do all the hard work, I’ve been doing stuff like that logo up there, taking pictures of their lovely hand-assembled packaging, and constantly sending emails that start with “I had this idea….“, plus other important label-type things, like getting magnets with the logo & slogan printed – which I assume is essential for all music labels who want to be taken seriously, ’cause who doesn’t take magnets seriously, right?

What is actually really important is our first release, announced over on our dedicated blog yesterday. Invisible Elephant’s debut, The Lights Go Out, was one of my favourite releases in 2010, so I couldn’t be happier that our first release is the follow-up, Anomie or Swimming in a Black Sea.

All the relevant info and links can be found by visiting the Two Hands Music website, and if anyone out there would like more info, or a digital copy of the album to review, you can contact us at twohandsmusic[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thanks to anyone who checks it out and/or supports our efforts.



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