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Just before I resume regular “Official Duites” here, I wanted to take a quick moment to post about… Well, a variety of different things.

First, a big thanks to those who have checked out Two Hands and our first release, the support means a lot!

Second, as a fan of Bandcamp, I was really pleased to see their latest announcement about the addition of an integrated shopping cart. While that may sound like a rather small, inconsequential thing, just from a buyer point of view I can see that will come in very handy – no longer will I need to go through separate transactions on the odd occasion I buy more than one thing. For artists and labels, it means receiving one transaction for multiple purchases, which will cut down on a few assocaited fees¹; so kudos to Bandcamp for this development. I firmly believe these kinds of continual improvements are ensuring Bandcamp is the premier place for online music distribution.

The only feature I’d really like to see them implement now is the ability to purchase a download as a gift for someone else, which I have wanted to do a couple of times and was a feature available on the now defunct Amie Steet. (I think that might be particularly useful to those using Bandcamp as a fundraising platform, especially so if the pricing format is a flat rate rather than ‘X-or-more’, which makes every purchase count). I realise there are “workarounds”, but a few times I’ve purchased an album and thought someone else would really enjoy it afterwards – being able to make a purchased download exclusively available to someone other than the purchaser would be awesome.

In other news, along with a few really awesome releases that I need to talk about very soon – Wreck And Refernce’s rather good Black Cassette being one of them – I’ve been listening to quite a bit of old blues music lately – mostly the stuff that falls under Delta, electric, folk and harmonica blues, so artists like Little Walter, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Sonny Boy Williamson (II), Howlin Wolf and Son House et al, have been getting quite a bit of attention.

I’m not going to launch into a full-on post about the music, it’s history or why it’s attracted my attention lately, but just because I can, I’m going to post Glory Be by Lightnin’ Hopkins, a track that’s really just brilliant.


1. This actually depends on how individual transactions are processed; which I don’t have any definite insight to as yet. However, I do assume that as each purchase is individually processed via PayPal, each transaction would attract the base fee from PayPal; which in Oz is 30¢ for each one – not much, but it’d add up to a fair portion of any profit under certain circumstances.

Image: Blues by Bénédicte Mackengle


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