Some Late Night Rambling

I googled my symptoms and I'm on schedule to look like this within 36 hours; only with a much redder nose

I’m shaking my fist at circumstance right now. For some reason, I’ve developed a habit of timing things so that whatever I want to do is inevitably impeded by minor inconveniences. A classic example of this is that there are never any cars on the road unless I need to cross it.

I’m now in a rather curmudgeonly mood, having come down with a cold right at the start of the weekend (also a tad delirious, so may go off on random tangents slightly more than usual – on both those notes, if you’re one of “those people” that spits in the street, stop it. It’s the worst habit ever).

I rarely get sick, and to do so now is just another example of one of those poorly timed events, as I’ve decided to turn one of my occasional hobbies into a proper business-like thing and open a shop…on Monday, with a whole bunch of work to do this weekend. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to start advertising my junk here. Unless I make something really awesome. I used to make these hand-embossed aluminium sculptures and a few other crafty things, then sell them at markets; I always wanted to make a massive aluminium dragon but even the little things cut up my hands pretty good, mostly because whenever I try to do anything even remotely artistic I’m impatient to the point of careless and tend to have to keep things simple to avoid ruining moderately decent efforts. Or, in the case of a large-scale project like the dragon, bleed to death before it’s finished).

Anyway, I’m going to have to resist the temptation to yammer on about some important stuff – some of them music-related, some of them rather not – and just mention a couple of quick things that I can’t get too distracted with or indulgent about, lest my slightly-more-than-usual incoherence leads to some place weird.

Two Hands Music now has one of those Facebook pages you can like n’ stuff, which you can find here. I’m all on my lonesome there at the moment, and while it’s making me feel sufficiently hipster-ish with the obscurity of it all, I suspect the novelty of that will wear off sometime soon. It’ll probably be the best way to keep somewhat up to date with the happenings of the label, in a totally non-spam way. Promise.

And to sign off, here’s a track from a recent favourite album that I’ll probably never quite manage to give its proper dues – the rather brilliant Sistar from Kyü’s self-titled debut (released 2010 – check them out, more than worth the effort).



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2 responses to “Some Late Night Rambling

  • dangerousmeredith

    I HATE people who spit on the street. Ugh! And I think I’m going to have to get a T Shirt made to wear on the trains that says “Blow! Don’t Sniff!”

    you are opening a shop? How exciting! Hope it goes well for you

  • Satellite for Entropy

    Oh, it’s a pet hate of mine! (The spitting thing).

    I have a virtual shop, as it were, just selling my wares online, as the overhead costs for a proper shop would make it all a bit unfeasible. Going well so far, though. Hope you’ve been keeping well!

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