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AKA Gone Wishing, Season of Mists, Digital Ghost and, every now and then, Angie Mack. I write fairytales, I listen to too much music, then I write about that, as well – most often here and over at [sic] Magazine, but occasionally I’ll add something of great import to the vast sea of nonsense that are  Last.fm journals.

Satellite for Entropy began as a breakdown of my internal processes, an introspecive look at the things I gravitate towards. Which might just be a fancy way of saying I regularly, publicly and personally indulge in writing about my obsessions – which include, but are not limited to, good music, good storytelling, lions, cheesecake and obsession.

Despite all the other things I rave about, this blog is really all about me. Occasionally it seems I inadvertantly manage to divert attention to some of the talented musicians, writers and artists I mention, which is cool… I guess.

Ultimately, what that really means is that this blog is not an advertising space. It’s just me, taking the opportunity where I can to tell people about things I’ve found and favoured after taking the time to look, listen, learn & love – to then be inspired to write about them. I’ll rarely be the first to do so, but I’ll mean every word.

Feedback, submissions for possible review or any other enquiries can be sent directly to:


Or by using the contact form below.



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