[sic] Links

If you can’t get enough of what I think about things, here’s the direct links to all the reviews I have written for [sic] Magazine, in order of the most recent.


Scott Matthew – Gallantry’s Favorite Son
The Secret Society of The Sonic Six – Isolated Incidents
Pillars And Tongues – The Pass And Crossings
Damn Robot! – Hunang Skrímsli
Caught In The Wake Forever – All The Hurt That Hinders Home
Heinali and Matt Finney – Conjoined
Odori – Gathering Lines
Our Ceasing Voice – When The Headline Hit Home
Conquering Animal Sound – Kammerspiel
The Sandwitches – Mrs Jones’ Cookies
Bad Braids – Arrow And Orb
Water Borders Drippings
Rape FactionGone Forever


Airs Rainclouds Over The Remains of Hope
Portable MorlaThe Void That Exists
Planning For Burial / LonesummerSplit CD
Dead Leaf EchoTruth
The Secret Society of the Sonic SixArp Little Secret
TrikeTrike & the Vikings
Psychic IllsTelesthetic Tape
I Like TrainsHe Who Saw The Deep
SE L36
Geomatic64 Light Years Away
S. CareyAll We Grow
Lois MagicDesert Colour
RivuletsStray Songs: 2000-2010
Lotte KestnerChina Mountain
Mike AllenMold
Planning For BurialLeaving
Her Name Is Calla The Quiet Lamb
PhosphorescentHere’s To Taking It Easy

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