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Boduf Songs CD Release and Tour Campaign

Quite clearly I suck at keeping up to date with important events and information, amusing myself with smileys and the like, forgetting about other things while I sit idly at my desk playing Plants vs Zombies, gradually getting bored until finally thinking ‘hmm, I should spend some money on something…oh yeah, I wonder whatever happened about that thing’.

As the picture above may clearly indicate, ‘that thing’ was the implied CD release of the previously digital/vinyl only This Alone Above All Else In Spite of Everything by Boduf Songs, one of my absolute favourites of 2010. Lucky I checked, as it’s now available to pre-order through Under The Spire Recordings. Couldn’t find a release date, but there you go. It may not be life-changing news for some, but I’m certainly pleased about it, cos I want it and stuff.

Even more sucky, however, is the fact that I missed the opportunity to plug the Boduf Songs: Transatlantic Mission of Hope and Joy Kickstarter Project early on, one of those pledge projects to raise funds for a European tour, as there’s now just shy of two weeks left. If Australia somehow magically became a part of Europe, I’d be initiating my own campaign to raise enough to pay for the $10,000 reward (or whatever it’s called):

Boduf Songs will become your personal minstrel, following you around and turning your every action into a whimsical ballad of heroic fable and so on. For, like, a week.

That would be so worth $10k.

If you want to make it happen (with the tour, primarily), do it here. Then send me pics when Boduf Songs sings to you so I can at least have some vicarious awesomeness while I’m listening to appropriately named songs…



Invisible Elephant – Pre-Order Now Available

Ah, what a difference a day makes!

Pre-orders for The Lights Go Out are being taken now, with a shipping date of May 10th, or nearest to.

The CD is being produced in a limited amount of 50 CDr’s and comes packaged in a recycled chipboard sleeve; each one hand numbered and hand stamped. They look great (checkout the new artwork at the link below),  and for a humble £5.00, you’ll get your money’s worth. The three additional tracks that aren’t available in the downloadable version are:

  • The Lights Go Out and Everybody Disappears
  • Wind-Up Bird (Extended)
  • Marrakesh Street Scene

Order it through the Sonic Reverie Records store!


Invisible Elephant – CD Release Update

Just a quick update for those who are waiting…

The artwork for the CD release of Invisible Elephant‘s album The Lights Go Out has been decided upon but is being held under wraps, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see for that one. The release date is currently slated for May 10 – which, if all goes according to plan, means not having to wait too much longer!

The release will be in quite limited numbers, so I suggest acting quickly if you want to be able to lay claim to one of them. Those who do will be supplied with a further 3 bonus tracks unavailable any other way, making it a worthwhile purchase indeed.

In the meantime, and if you haven’t yet done so, you can still grab the original album via Bandcamp, well worth the download and highly recommended for fans of shoegaze, post-rock and psychedelia. (I also recommend paying particular attention to You Can Have It All – great stuff, and likely to take you by surprise even if you are paying close attention).

If you need further convincing, take a listen right here to two tracks from the album – Communication (Part II) and Time. (Thanks to dayne815).

Invisible Elephant – The Lights Go Out Limited Edition CD

Anyone out there that has visited this blog more than once may have read a recent post where I mentioned a great album available via Bandcamp – The Lights Go Out by Invisible Elephant; a solo project out of the UK doing awesome things with “guitars n’ stuff” (my full and proper review is available to read on Last.fm).

I am now beyond thrilled to be able to announce that this project will be getting a physical release via Sonic Reverie Records. The artwork for a limited edition CD is currently being produced, with the CD to be available as early as next week and will include a few bonus tracks previously unavailable.

This is great news indeed, and an even better opportunity to show your support for unique and independant artists producing quality music (not to mention getting your hands on those exclusive tracks – having had the honour of hearing a couple of them, I can assure you they’re worth getting hold of).

If you have not already done so, I urge you to check out this album post haste. Full details on the where’s and when’s of the release will be posted as soon as I know them, so you can be first in line to snap up one of the CDs (after me, of course ;)).

Invisible Elephant on Bandcamp.

On MySpace

On Last.fm

Sonic Reverie Records website

On Blogspot

On Bandcamp

On Last.fm