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March’s Swag – Free (& Legal) Music Downloads


This month swag - small, but sweet

I haven’t had a great deal of time to actively look for these this month, plus there were a few too good to wait for along the way, so new pickings are a little slim for this post. To make up for it there’s a couple of extra older downloads you may have missed out on that are more than worth your time and bandwidth. And to recap those previously mentioned, don’t forget about these:


Pillars And Tongues Live at 2640
Folk/Drone | 118MB – 320 kbps MP3
This makes the third free P&T download in the last few weeks – which is fine by me, I can’t get enough of these guys. It’s apparently a bootleg recording of a live show, offered in one 51:30 minute MP3 (or other formats available via Bandcamp). While I can’t really call a bootleg legal, I only know about it because P&T posted the link on their Facebook profile, thus at least condoning it if not outright supporting it¹. Therefore, I do too. Download it here.


Eels Trilogy EP
Rock/Folk | 24MB – 320 kbps MP3s
A sampler to celebrate the upcoming tour, containing one track each from the albums Hombre Lobo (Fresh Blood), End Times (A Line In The Dirt) and Tomorrow Morning (I Like The Way This Is Going). Good for anyone who has ever wondered if they’d dig the Eels but haven’t done anything about it before. Free in exchange for your email – download it here.


Snake Rattle Rattle Snake – March 4th (Daytrotter)
Rock/Post-Punk | 20MB – 128 kbps Mp3s
Great session from the female-fronted Denver band, slight pub rock feel mixed with post-punk – reminded me at times of The Cure, in their slightly rockier moments. Download it here.



My Brightest Diamond – Shark Demos
Folk/Rock/Chamber/Acoustic | 54MB – 320 kbps MP3s
Released initially as a bonus for those that pre-ordered A Thousand Shark’s Teeth, then made available to everyone just prior to Christmas 2009. 6 tracks in total of demos and outtakes, including an unreleased song called Music Box. Worth it just for the demo of one of my favourite MBD tracks, To Pluto’s Moon. Available via Asthmatic Kitty.


Mount Eerie – Seven New Songs of Mount Eerie
Lo-Fi/Rock | 34MB – 192 kbps MP3s
Originally released as a limited quantity CDr and sold during a 2004 Australian tour, now free  to all and a good way to introduce yourself to the awesomeness of Mount Eerie. Available from Internet Archive.


Natural Snow Buildings – The Centauri Agent
Folk/Psychedelic/Drone/Experimental | 193MB – 256 kbps MP3s
A double album released by community label Vulpiano Records, available in FLAC or Mp3 format. Usually, venturing into the weird and wonderful world of NSB isn’t all together easy, as official physical releases tend to be in rather small quantities, and it can be a little daunting owing to the sheer scope of some of them, but well worth it. Download it here.



1. This is, of course, based on the presumption that P&T members maintain that page. Happy to remove this link if the download is not sanctioned by the band.


Pillars And Tongues Daytrotter Session (3rd March, 2011)

I had something of a full circle moment the other day when I saw Pillars And Tongues had a new Daytrotter Session available (recorded back in Spetember last year, available to download March 3rd).

I had not long discovered Daytrotter when I took a quick listen to their debut session from February, 2009. Back then I was intrigued just enough to bookmark it, promising myself I’d come back later and take a proper listen. It took me a few weeks to do so. In a odd coincidence, I chose March 3rd, posting about it the same day simply because I thought it very necessary to tell everyone about it.

That day I was instantly enamoured – the kind of enamoured where you can’t help but insist absolutely everyone must hear it too, and inbetween that insistence you spend many other moments listening yourself and finding as much else as you can – information, music, whatever is out there.

This time around I wasted no time in acquiring the session, though I have spent the better part of a week listening to it before ultimately, once more, finding it very necessary to tell everyone about it.

Most people, including myself, tend to perplex a little over describing the music of P&T, (believe me, there are good reasons I haven’t linked to my first post!), but the most common summary is folkish drone (or vice versa – droneish folk). Others tend to veer a little towards the metaphysical; I’ve seen mesmerising, spiritual and even holy used. For the time being, I’m going to continue with my original position, but tone it down somewhat and simply suggest it’s music you need to hear.

Check out both sessions here.



February’s Swag – Free (& Legal) Music Downloads

This month's swag was too much for one bag, and thus has spawned off-spring, otherwise known as the matching coin purse

Birds of Passage – 3-Track Sampler
Minimal/Ethereal/Drone | 29MB – 320 kbps MP3s
Pre-orders for the debut album by Birds of Passage (aka Alicia Merz) have just gone up on Denovali, with three of twelve tracks from Without The World available to download for free. I highly recommend these tracks, if not the album – sounds like poetry in motion.


Pillars And Tongues Live “Sprout Session”
Drone/Folk | 32MB – 145 kbps MP3
If you know me or this blog, you know I love these guys, so I wasted all of about 3 seconds after finding out about this live session before grabbing it via dublab. Then the hour-plus it took for my ridiculously slow connection to download the full 32MB, with several failed attempts along the way. It would have been worth it even if it took 10x as long.


Clan Destine Mixtape
Witch House/Darkwave/Other | 167MB – 320 kbps MP3s
A massive 22 tracks in one neat little package. Standouts for me were the GHxST and Sealings (naturally) tracks, otherwise sure to sate fans of the witch house genre, or those with a curiosity for what it is/was all about. Visit Clan Destine to read up on the full tracklisting, or head straight to Beko to download the mixtape.


Do You Feel What I Feel Deer – Save My Heart
Downtempo/Folk/Jazz | 8MB – 320 kbps MP3
A nice folk track I found over on Bandcamp. Just the solitary track up by the artist so far, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for more.


Moby – Be The One EP
Electronic/Downtempo | 32MB – 320 kbps MP3s¹
A 3-track EP available in exchange for your email address. If you’re not a Moby fan, these tracks probably won’t turn you into a die-hard supporter, but worth the download to find out if they’re your kinda tunes. Get it at Moby.com.


From Daytrotter’s Stable…

Judgement Day – 26th February
String Metal/Instrumental | 12MB – 128 kbps MP3s
Coming in right at the end of February and the only session I downloaded this month. If that’s not recommendation enough…well, I can’t actually think of anything to recommend it further, but they are pretty darn awesome tracks. Download the session here.


Over at Stereogum…

Implodes – Marker
Drone/Psych/Shoegaze | 7MB – 192 kbps MP3
The forthcoming album, Black Earth, is now on my wish list, thanks to this track. Download here.

Bat For Lashes – Strangelove
Pop/Electronica | 3MB – 115 kbps MP3
A cover of the Depeche Mode song, and the soundtrack to the ad for a new Gucci fragrance. A fairly straightforward version, but nice all the same. Download here.

Boris – Hope
Pop/Rock/Metal | 8MB – 320 kbps MP3
I’ve been curious about this group for a while, so a free track seems a perfect way to test the waters. Definitely not what I was expecting, but I have a feeling I’d say that upon further exploration, too. Download here.


The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Patra
Dark Ambient/Jazz | 19MB – 320 kbps MP3
This seriously good track is a cover the 1989 song by Saint Vitus; and you can grab it here. TKDE have several albums currently available via Bandcamp and/or Denovali, but this – along with a couple of others – are free to download (with the exception of handing over your email address for their instrumental cover of Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse’s Dark Night of the Soul). Check ’em out – it’s unlikely you’ll regret it. (Others available for free download: Black Wing Butterfly / Goya and Kava Kon Remixes).




1. Had the same problem with this zip file as I do with with the Boomkat downloads, thus I had to downgrade to 224 kbps so that the data tags could be edited.

January’s Swag – Free (& Legal) Downloads Across the Net

Cool swag needs a cool bag - There's a high chance these will get more bizarre and less relevant as the months go by

I rarely have the chance to make an individual post about everything I’d like to, even less so now that my 6-week break is officially over (which also means I’ll be back to posting every 2-4 days from here on in); so I thought I’d start a monthly round-up with a selection of freely available music that has grabbed my attention as I travel across the vast realms of the ‘net – enough for me to grab them back.


Silber Records

…have released two free EPs for your listening pleasure. First up is Ava by Clang Quartet, which is a live performance recorded during the 2008 Ava Gardener Independent Film Festival. Ava is half an hour of improvised drone/noise. The second EP is a re-take of Sarah June‘s In Black Robes, titled Beneath Black Robes. The folky Americana of the former is given a shoegaze/trip-hop makeover in the latter.



…have continued to bring some great sessions to the fold, though I will admit I haven’t downloaded so many this past month, having not been so much in the mood for excessive amounts of alt-folk-ish type stuff (there is more than that there, of course, but it does seem to be the primary focus). Anyway, a few interesting ones to look out for:

You can also check out two ‘best-of’ type compilations from 2010 sessions – the results of a Reader’s Choice poll, and a Best of Daytrotter 2010 as chosen by the staff.



…came a little late to the party (just in terms of what I happen to dig), but put up some choice tracks for free download just recently that I couldn’t say no to, as I’m quite keen on True Widow‘s debut album as well as very much looking forward to the new one due for release in March; plus, while I wasn’t fanatic about the Xasthur album I picked up a while back, the black metal meets folk collaboration with Marisa Nadler intrigued me enough to pick up the two tracks from recently-released Portal of Sorrow (my verdict is similar to theirs, funnily enough, I liked the idea better than the result, but the two tracks are worth a listen/download so you can decide for yourself).


Clare Bowditch, whom I recently mentioned in my Oz music series, has a free download of a song (for your next fashion parade), remixed by Storm Boy. Also available is a free track put up on the website just before (and for) Christmas, which I most definitely recommend grabbing if your interest was piqued earlier – a lovely song no matter the time of year.

Then there’s

Sealings, who have posted their first, now sold out tape (released via Clan Destine Records) on their site for free download. Containing four tracks, including personal favourite My Boyfriends Dead. If you haven’t heard it yet, all you have to do is click play.

Then you’ll have to click here for the gimmie.


…here’s a bunch of tasters from current or forthcoming albums, all conveniently available via betterPropaganda.




Lisa Hannigan (Daytrotter Session)

The Wonderful Craft of Storytelling


Lisa Hannigan, perhaps best known so far for her captivating work with Damien Rice, released a solo album a while ago called Sea Sew. I did, in fact, make several attempts to get my hands on a copy, but – as is all too common – found it to be quite difficult here in Oz (sans appropriate tools such as credit cards, which I do not believe in and would be remarkably dangerous in my hands!) So I was a little more than thrilled when I checked the latest Daytrotter offerings to find that Lisa had recorded a session there.

 At this point in time, I still have not heard the original versions, so unfortunately I have no basis for comparison between the album and these versions. As is common, the session contains four tracks (pay no attention to ‘Welcome to Daytrotter’, it’s a 4-second spoken intro), all of which appear on the aforementioned album. Having waited so long to hear Lisa’s solo work, coupled with the continued exposure via her work with Damien Rice (her haunting vocals on tracks like 9 Crimes and the live version of Then Go never fail to be incredibly affecting) I had very high expectations. The session does not disappoint; there is no mistaking Lisa’s voice, and these songs definitely stand on their own as fully accomplished and fantastic entries in to the fok/pop genre (or however you wish to classify them yourself!). As would be hoped – and perhaps importantly – not once did I miss or expect Damien Rice’s voice or input on these tracks.

Light and shade is well used in the songs – a bright, joyful and sweet veneer makes them at once pleasant to listen to, yet listen only a little closer and you’ll find the stories being told have a delicate yet bittersweet sense of lament to them. The more I listen to them, the more immersive I find them. Perhaps even strangely, they evoke images of a classical ballerina dancing with joy to the music of loss.

Lisa Hannigan – Daytrotter Session

It’s worth noting that a few things have changed since I last visited Daytrotter. Along with a makeover, registration now seems to be a pre-requisite before you are able to download songs. Not really a bad thing as far as I can tell and it takes only a moment, plus you can opt to recieve their newslettter and keep up to date with all the latest sessions.

I’ll also take this opportunity to make mention of and link to a couple of other recent Daytrotter Sessions that are worth a moment to check out. They both fully deserve dedicated posts of their own rather than being tacked on at the end of someone else’s, so for that I apologise, but they are well worth a listen.

Dark Dark Dark – Great alt. folk melodies with a hauntingly ominous undertone.

Golden Ghost – A searing voice and a resonant guitar questioning as well conveying the weird and wonderful.


Pillars and Tongues (Daytrotter Session)

Album cover for Protection, by Pillars and Tongues

Album cover for Protection, by Pillars and Tongues

Every so often you come across something that is so immediately affecting that one of the first things you want to do is tell everyone about it; let everyone know how brilliant this thing you ‘discovered’ is. I had one of those moments this morning when, after a couple of weeks of procrastination (for no reason whatsoever), I listened properly to some tracks by a band named Pillars and Tongues. However, I decided that I should wait – be sensible, don’t go running off to post some babbling rubbish before you’ve listened to it a few times, and therefore be more successful in any attempt to discuss this band and actually sound informed, rather than like a raving idiot, I told myself.

Screw it. This is seriously amazing music.

At first, I just let myself get carried away with the – overall – haunting effect of the music, which was easy to do because not only is atmosphere crafted expertly in Pillar and Tongues’ sound, but the songs I was listening to were studio sessions that ran between 8 and 17 minutes long. Instrumentation is often sedate and explorative – at times rather minimal – which adds a sense of intimacy to the music. On the whole, the effect is mesmerising and creates a true listening experience.

At it’s core, the sound comes across (to me) as being rooted in jazz, blues and folk (even at times sounding influenced by the same Middle Eastern ‘mystique’ that the Tea Party were so fond of), but in manifestation it is so much more than ‘sound’ or ‘style’. It contains elements of free-form expression and abstraction, resulting in an explorative style of music that in turn creates a conversation between the musicians. The music itself, however, draws the listener into the conversation quite seductively, and one never feels like an intruder, or that the experience is vicarious.

All this is wonderfully complemented by the vocals. I get the impression that the voice contains  a formidable amount of power, delicately reigned in on the tracks I had the opportunity to hear. Don’t be fooled by that assessment, though.  The vocals are in no way weak, or overpowered by the music. They are, rather, something of an instrument within the music itself, serving to move you with and through the created landscape, while pointing out notable landmarks along the way. (My apologies here, band members are Mark Trecka, Elizabeth Remis and Evan Hydzik, and though Elizabeth Remis can be clearly heard on backing vocals, I do not actually know who to credit everything else to…yet).

I can’t give you a ‘sounds like’, or  a comparitive ground to go on before taking a peek into the realm of Pillars and Tongues – I feel like any attempt to do so would be an injustice. The best I can do is tell you that if you are looking for an intoxicating musical experience that will move through your senses, exploring you as much as you explore it, Pillars and Tongues is the band to listen to.

If that appeals, here is where I get to share another of my favourite music resources: Daytrotter.com. Along with other features of the site, artists – from the well-known to the obscure (at least to me) – record exclusive studio sessions, which are then uploaded and made available as free downloads, accompanied by an article and occasionally an interview. Artists also generally discuss each song, talking about their inspiration, arrangement for the session itself and various other things. It’s invaluable for discovering new music and artists, or to add a few otherwise unavailable versions from your favourites. (Some personal favourite Daytrotter Sessions include the recent Cold War Kids entry, My Brightest Diamond, Bon Iver, Shearwater, Bell X1 and Deerhunter). Once again, these should never serve as a substitute for the real thing, and even though full artist awareness and backing accompanies the downloads being offered for free, I would encourage your continued support by buying their albums.

Visit Pillars and Tongues at their MySpace profile, where you can listen to and purchase limited MP3’s, or head over to Contraphonic, where you can purchase the album Protection in CD or MP3 format.

This is a direct link to the Daytrotter session by Pillars and Tongues.