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Os Ovni – Something in the Sky

If you got into witch house this year, you’ll probably dig this nifty little blend of shoegaze, dream pop and psych, all wrapped up in a droney-witch house package by Texan duo Os Ovni.

Something in the Sky, recently released by Answering Machine Recordings, and apart from having a tripped out cover, was apparently recorded using only one instrument. Quite impressive when taking into consideration the different sounds and genres blended into the mix. The video is quite a nice trip, too.

You can grab one of 300 limited pink vinyl pressings via Answering Machine Recordings.

For more Os Ovni, check them out on Tumblr; or pay a visit to their SoundCloud page where you can listen to or download a couple of mixtapes.




Jesy Fortino Self-Releases 5 Tiny Vipers…

Jesy Fortino, under the Tiny Vipers moniker, has been responsible for some of my favourite music in recent times. In fact, her second album – 2009’s Life on Earth – was not only my favourite release of the year, but it also was the first time I’ve ever been able to name one without any hestitation or endless self-debate. Thus, I was quite pleased to learn there were a few tracks I haven’t heard yet available to purchase via Bandcamp.

If you’re a Tiny Vipers fan in the league of wanting to have a copy of any and every song Jesy has been vaguely associated with, you won’t need any encouragement from me to go grab them post-haste as the tracks available you’ll be unlikely to find elsewhere, and you’ll certainly not be disappointed if you do so. There are three singles to purchase individually, as well as a two track EP containing parts 1 and 2 of of a song titled Blades of Grass, which is a home recorded ambient piece that was sent out on CDr to those who pre-ordered Life on Earth via Sub Pop. It’s easy enough to let the songs speak for themselves, so I’ll do just that. Here’s three of the five available tracks:

Another Day’s Sun features Colin Roper on backing vocals (a name I’ve not heard before, but a bit of swift research consisting of google and little else suggests he may be the same Colin who is ex-Cobra High and Loving Thunder. This is conjecture based purely on the fact that both bands were based in Seattle, as is Jesy).

Fell In A Well, according to the Bandcamp page, was originally recorded for Hands Across the Void but didn’t make the cut. The track does, however, feature on her first, self-titled release, which was pre-Hands… Whether or not they are the same version I can’t say, as that remains the only CD I’m yet to purchase. Places That No Longer Exist is a demo from Life On Earth, home recorded on 4-track, and again didn’t make the final cut for the album.

Fell In A Well would have been quite at home on Hands Across the Void, though I can see why it was left off – it is rather more like a b-side. It’s fairly clear the other two are still in demo form. Places That No Longer Exist is much quieter than the other two so I recommend the use of headphones to listen to that one. They are, however, unmistakebly Tiny Vipers’ tracks, very much in the realm of the Life on Earth (i.e. delicate, ethereal melodies and sparse guitar picking accompanied by that hypnotic voice, with the occasional chant and jangle). I’ve particularly favourited Another Day’s Sun, and hope to hear a fully realised version of that on album #3.

I have to defer comment on the Blades of Grass EP for the time being, as I haven’t purchased it yet. It is streamable, but with my current data usage limits I’m not keen on essentially using the same amount of bandwidth to listen and not actually have a copy afterwards. I can tell you that the two tracks run a total of around 40 minutes (which, coupled with the Sub Pop description of ‘ambient’, leads me to suspect they might be much in the same vein as the experimental music found on Empire Prism).

I’d say the release of these new/old tracks is aimed directly at existing fans – a little taster while we eagerly await the next studio album, plus the opportunity for those that missed out to get a copy of Blades of Grass. In that sense, they should tide you over quite nicely.

For the casual listener or simply curious, it’s a little less likely you’ll get further than a quick listen, so I think it would be mutually beneficial if I also directed your attention elsewhere – such as the wonderful Daytrotter session, a free download (albeit after a little registration and download manager rigamarole) of three songs from Life on Earth performed late last year – four when you take into account the first is a medley. A very good introduction to Tiny Vipers. I also highly recommend New Dawn Fades, a cover of the Joy Division song by The Sight Below, to which Jesy lent her vocal talents and manages to do that rare thing where it’s both true to the original and given a unique spin. Check it out in the video below, or just head straight to RCRD LBL and download it for free.


Gizeh Records Are Letting You Practically Steal their Music

If you’re anything like me, no only do you love your music, but you also love a good bargain. Gizeh Records are home to some of my favourite artists since discovering the label last year, and are responsible for releasing what’s also been my favourite physical release so far this year (Glissando‘s The Long Lost / Of Silence – sublime music with simple but gorgeous handmade packaging; proof positive you don’t need to go all-out with over-elaborate bells and whistles to create something special, you just need to do it with love).

Now is a great time to get yourself acquainted with some of the artists that have been on Gizeh’s roster, as to coincide with the launch of their new website and online store, they’re offering nearly all of their currently avaialable stock at 50% off – this includes clothing and other merchandise as well as some brilliant albums (but excludes the two latest releases. Note also that some of the more limited stock is already sold out).

No excuse now not to go and claim your copy of some music that is nigh impossible not to immediately love, including Her Name is Calla‘s The Heritage (an absolute classic that everyone should have), Trespassers William‘s The Natural Order of Things and Glissando‘s With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards the Burning Sea, not to mention albums by worriedaboutsatan, Sleepingdog, Redjetson, Immune & Detwiije – incredible music at incredible prices. I already have many of these (of course ;)), but I certainly took the opportunity to finally grab a couple of things I don’t.

The sale is on from now until the end of July, and all you need to do is go here, grab whatever takes your fancy and type the code JULYSALE into the appropriate box to effect the discount.

And while I wouldn’t usually post something that’s arguably one big advertisement, I do so because you’ll probably never get a better chance to grab hold of a bunch of stuff that’s worth loads more than what you’ll have to pay. 😉


The Band In Heaven – Free Demos


A while back I posted about Irish duo Low Sea, and if you dug that chances are highyou’ll find plenty to like in the 5-track demo by Florida’s the band in Heaven, who elsewhere have been likened to just about every staple shoegazer you can think of; for good enough reason, though… It’s not hard for bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain to spring to mind when you first take a listen – distant and dreamy female backing vocals, steady drive drenched in reverb, fuzz and distortion – on paper you might think it’s a recipe for heard it all before.

In practice, though, and garnished with some of psych, the songs offer plenty enough to stand on their own merit. Considering they’re 4 demos and one cover (CranberriesDreams), there’s definitely potential for these guys to become your new favourite dream-fuzz lo-fi noise-makers.

Check out Summer Bummer for proof, which would be my favourite track – there’s some neat psych-post-punk sounds layered in that one. Tagged as a ‘rough’ demo, but I like it pretty well fine as is.

All 5 tracks are currently on offer as a free download here.