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Quick Catch-Up – New Releases for May

I’ve got a couple of things I want to catch everyone up on, and I’m going to have to do it in a ridiculously cheap n’ nasty, fly-by fashion; which will not really afford the due respect the following deserve, but I’m almost certain that if I could see my own brain right now, it would look like an eroded little pebble (lots of long stories, all involving various members of my current ‘household’. I’m the one that sits there smiling politely and agreeing with the tirades about all the injustices in the world as they’re yelled at me, then taking my cue to yawn and go “sorry, I have to get up early in the morning” when some dude I barely even know thinks combining this look:    with blasting this song on repeat in my general direction, will be effective. It’s not).

Giles Corey

Anyone who read all the way through last year’s Book of Favourite Things will know that this is one of the releases I was keeping a keen eye out for in 2011. The pre-orders went up a couple of days ago, and while I don’t know how many units were initially made available, at first glance there were 260, now there’s 170~odd, so the opportunity to claim a copy is fast disappearing. Seriously, go check this out. Then buy a copy.


The first I heard of Sleepingdog was the gorgeous track Your Eyes on a Gizeh Sampler back in 2009. Great to hear that a new album – With Our Heads In The Clouds and Our Hearts In the Fields – has just been released, and it’s assuredly another one to add to your list. There’s a particularly lovely review over on TheSteinbergPrinciple, so I’m going to direct you there to read more about this album. You can also stream tracks here.

Two very different albums, and both worth much more attention than I just gave them, so make up for it on my behalf by giving them yours.



Conquering Animal Sound – Kammerspiel

Conquering Animal Sound‘s debut album KAMMERSPIEL is essentially pop music, but in the way the likes of Fever Ray or Björk portray pop music. Where Conquering Animal Sound differ is in their love for tape hiss and childrens toys. There is no doubt, with this record they are in a world of their own.

Thus quoth the information I received concerning Scottish duo Conquering Animal Sound, which I  quote because it’s a neat summary and I recognise I’m about to use a somewhat unconventional method to describe it…

I decided to dip my toes into that world earlier this morning by way of taking a listen to a select few tracks from the album, and I think the above album cover is a pretty good representation, in so far as my first impressions were concerned –  a little wintry and dispersed – a slight fracture in known logic (or a reorganisation thereof), but related in a way that means the whole picture still makes perfect sense.

When it came to this point – where I make an attempt at  further describing what I heard in a way that’s hopefully readily understood – I was inexplicably reminded of a conversation I once had; to the point where I couldn’t escape the notion that even though the conversation was utterly unrelated, it seemed (to me) the perfect way to describe the music of Conquering Animal Sound. (I should point out I take liberties with the definition of the word describe. Perhaps ascribe might be a better term in these circumstances). Anyway, like it or not, here is an edited portion of said conversation, which was kinda about birds, owls in particular:

Me: If I was an owl, I’d be secretly thinking, the thoughts partitioned, and I’d remember them later, when I’m upside down and the walls slide up – different thoughts are viewable by turning the head a little, like a kaleidoscope.

Them: Lacrimose and swivelly. Owls have a swivelly sort of grace. Sometimes their eyes grow bigger, one than the other, and its all a-blink at the world, and the world is snapped up in the vision/beak/other.

Me: I turned the dial and was trying to find the frequency for “Sing, Little Birdie”, but it’s not to be found – this particular raven quoth “Nothingmore”.  Well, that’s a lie – I read about multi-coloured balloons (some are in the shape of a cat, and some look like walnuts – after the air has escaped), and beautiful moments caught by the eye…but I looked up from the book and heard night-music and spotted a couple of flirting owls.

I assure you that conversation not only made perfect sense in context, but the thoughts in there seem (to me) utterly interspersed with the music I was listening toso much so that I couldn’t think of any other words to describe it.

Of course, you’re welcome to have your own conversation with CAS…

Released in conjunction with mini50 Records, pre-orders are currently being taken through Gizeh @Bandcamp (official release date Feb 7th, with pre-orders to ship on the on or around the 1st). The limited edition version (which includes a bonus CD and  an artwork print) has only a handful of copies left, so if you want to reserve one of those best do it now.



As an afterthought, once I had written this post I decided to use Google Translate to see the English translation of kammerspiel… As it turns out, it’s intimate play. If I was an owl, both my eyes would be large and turning their dials.  O_O

Gizeh Records Are Letting You Practically Steal their Music

If you’re anything like me, no only do you love your music, but you also love a good bargain. Gizeh Records are home to some of my favourite artists since discovering the label last year, and are responsible for releasing what’s also been my favourite physical release so far this year (Glissando‘s The Long Lost / Of Silence – sublime music with simple but gorgeous handmade packaging; proof positive you don’t need to go all-out with over-elaborate bells and whistles to create something special, you just need to do it with love).

Now is a great time to get yourself acquainted with some of the artists that have been on Gizeh’s roster, as to coincide with the launch of their new website and online store, they’re offering nearly all of their currently avaialable stock at 50% off – this includes clothing and other merchandise as well as some brilliant albums (but excludes the two latest releases. Note also that some of the more limited stock is already sold out).

No excuse now not to go and claim your copy of some music that is nigh impossible not to immediately love, including Her Name is Calla‘s The Heritage (an absolute classic that everyone should have), Trespassers William‘s The Natural Order of Things and Glissando‘s With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards the Burning Sea, not to mention albums by worriedaboutsatan, Sleepingdog, Redjetson, Immune & Detwiije – incredible music at incredible prices. I already have many of these (of course ;)), but I certainly took the opportunity to finally grab a couple of things I don’t.

The sale is on from now until the end of July, and all you need to do is go here, grab whatever takes your fancy and type the code JULYSALE into the appropriate box to effect the discount.

And while I wouldn’t usually post something that’s arguably one big advertisement, I do so because you’ll probably never get a better chance to grab hold of a bunch of stuff that’s worth loads more than what you’ll have to pay. 😉


Something New

This time around I just want to call attention to a couple of new releases/discoveries that I think are well worth taking the time to search out listen to, if you haven’t already…

Not too long ago The Black Heart Procession announced they were in need of a new record label to release their sixth album. Much to my relief Temporary Residence came to the rescue and the album (titled Six) was released on the sixth of October. There are currently three versions available: LP, CD (the first pressing being limited and presented in a very nicely designed full-colour, linen-bound book) and an even more limited (to 1000) USB drive in the shape of a black heart and presented in a custom designed tin.

Album cover for Six, available now via Temporary Residence
Album cover for Six, available now via Temporary Residence

Fans of BHP will find themselves on familiar ground listening to this album, and as such it’s not likely to disappoint. The recurrant themes of love, loss and heartbreak are there, and there’s never any mistaking the bands’ sound, but it still doesn’t sound old or rehashed – a very welcome addition to the bands’ discography.

You can purchase the album direct from Temporary Residence (as well as other releases from sister band Three Mile Pilot). A free download of Rats, taken from the album Six, is also available, as are a generous amount of other tracks from several of the bands currently signed to Temporary Residence.

(Note: after receiving my copy last week, I noticed a post on the bands’ MySpace page alerting buyers of the CD version that the distribution sticker needs to be peeled from the CD cover very carefully, as there had been instances of it causing damage to the linen cover – thankfully I had not attempted to remove mine! – but just putting a heads-up out there for those wishing to purchase the album).

I’d also like to call attention to Gizeh Records‘ 2009 sampler, which is currently being offered as a free download via their site and contains 12 tracks by ten different artists. I downloaded the sampler yesterday following a recommendation for Her Name Is Calla, who have two tracks featured on the sampler. After listening to the songs (Nylon, from the album The Heritage, and Pour More Oil, from the very limited DVD A Blood Promise) I was impressed enough to immediatley purchase a copy of The Heritage (A Blood Promise was, unfortunately, sold out). Other highlights for me were Glissando, who also have two tracks on the sampler (With A Kiss And A Tear, For The Light), Tresspassers William (Sparrow) and Greenland (Cowboys In Atlantis).

Album cover for The Heritage, available now via Gizeh Records
Album cover for The Heritage, available now via Gizeh Records

Of other worthy note is the fact that the single Hideous Box, as well as the two B-Sides The Good Book and With Eyes So Full of Sparks of Love by Her Name Is Calla are currently free downloads via Last.fm.

All I can say is that listening to these tracks makes me eagerly anticipate the arrival of The Heritage!