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Things Of Interest

Just a quick note to update a few things…

First, the good people at [sic] Magazine recently posted an interview with yours truly about the Two Hands label; which you can read here if you want to know some of the reasons behind the decision to launch the label and what our goals are. Much thanks goes to [sic], and Rob Gannon for that.

Second, you know I love Her Name is Calla, and while I don’t have a ghost of a chance to see them live any time soon, I’ll be pledging my support for their tour campaign currently being run via Indie GoGo so’s I can at least nab one of the postable perks. Check ’em out, discover an awesome band (if you haven’t already), and drive me mad with jealousy if you go see one of their shows.

Last, a recommendation I should have made already… Back in March 2009, I picked up the rather good Daytrotter Session by Golden Ghost. It took me a while, but I recently bought the album the session songs came from. RIYL Dark Dark Dark, Lotte Kestner, The Sandwiches, Bad Braids, Tiny Vipers.



Lisa Hannigan (Daytrotter Session)

The Wonderful Craft of Storytelling


Lisa Hannigan, perhaps best known so far for her captivating work with Damien Rice, released a solo album a while ago called Sea Sew. I did, in fact, make several attempts to get my hands on a copy, but – as is all too common – found it to be quite difficult here in Oz (sans appropriate tools such as credit cards, which I do not believe in and would be remarkably dangerous in my hands!) So I was a little more than thrilled when I checked the latest Daytrotter offerings to find that Lisa had recorded a session there.

 At this point in time, I still have not heard the original versions, so unfortunately I have no basis for comparison between the album and these versions. As is common, the session contains four tracks (pay no attention to ‘Welcome to Daytrotter’, it’s a 4-second spoken intro), all of which appear on the aforementioned album. Having waited so long to hear Lisa’s solo work, coupled with the continued exposure via her work with Damien Rice (her haunting vocals on tracks like 9 Crimes and the live version of Then Go never fail to be incredibly affecting) I had very high expectations. The session does not disappoint; there is no mistaking Lisa’s voice, and these songs definitely stand on their own as fully accomplished and fantastic entries in to the fok/pop genre (or however you wish to classify them yourself!). As would be hoped – and perhaps importantly – not once did I miss or expect Damien Rice’s voice or input on these tracks.

Light and shade is well used in the songs – a bright, joyful and sweet veneer makes them at once pleasant to listen to, yet listen only a little closer and you’ll find the stories being told have a delicate yet bittersweet sense of lament to them. The more I listen to them, the more immersive I find them. Perhaps even strangely, they evoke images of a classical ballerina dancing with joy to the music of loss.

Lisa Hannigan – Daytrotter Session

It’s worth noting that a few things have changed since I last visited Daytrotter. Along with a makeover, registration now seems to be a pre-requisite before you are able to download songs. Not really a bad thing as far as I can tell and it takes only a moment, plus you can opt to recieve their newslettter and keep up to date with all the latest sessions.

I’ll also take this opportunity to make mention of and link to a couple of other recent Daytrotter Sessions that are worth a moment to check out. They both fully deserve dedicated posts of their own rather than being tacked on at the end of someone else’s, so for that I apologise, but they are well worth a listen.

Dark Dark Dark – Great alt. folk melodies with a hauntingly ominous undertone.

Golden Ghost – A searing voice and a resonant guitar questioning as well conveying the weird and wonderful.