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4 Somewhat Random Musical Facts I Realised This Week


Even if by some miracle I’m able to maintain my current average daily playcount, it will take me another twenty years of listening to hit one million plays on Last.fm. I doubt I’ll have that much time.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer had the best theme song. There were two versions used over the course of the show – the original by Nerf Herder and a version by The Breeders. Of the two, I prefer the Breeders version, but I swear I had a mad live version in my library by Nerf Herder which trumps them both. I have no idea where I got it from or where it’s gone – I can’t even find a reference to it online. Anyway, here’s a very cool piano version.

There’s also a really nice classical-style version, played by ear no less.


CocoRosie’s Daytrotter session is really quite good – worth the hassle to grab via the rather annoying download manager.


I have 27 songs in my library with bird in the title, 10 with the word snake (though, to be fair, exactly half of them are different versions of Jeff Martin‘s/The Armada‘s Black Snake Blues), 3 songs each for cat, rat and pig, 8 with dog, 1 with squid and 4 with elephant. This means absolutely nothing, but I’ll use it as an excuse to post the aforementioned Black Snake Blues.



The Armada Live from Womadelaide

Free MP3’s of The Armada’s World MusicĀ  Festival set

The Armada - Live at Womadelaide, 2010

The title pretty much says it all. Womadelaide, a music festival is a hybrid of World Music and Adelaide. This year’s line-up included former Tea Party frontman Jeff Martin with his new band, The Armada. Which, notably, also includes percussionist Wayne P. Sheehy and guitarist Jay Cortez.

The set is currently available for free – in 224 Kbps MP3 format – via the band’s official website (tracks can be downloaded individually, so if there’s any you’d rather skip, you can do so).

Full tracklisting and running time:

  1. Morocco (6:32)
  2. The Bazaar (5:10)
  3. The Rosary / Winter Solstice (10:00)
  4. Shadows on the Mountainside (7:07)
  5. Sister Awake (14:24)
  6. Inanna (3:01)
  7. Save Me (6:34)
  8. Black Snake Blues (7:56)

That’s a full hour over 8 individual tracks. I’ve taken a listen to it in its entirety twice so far, and I have to say I’m partial to the included Tea Party classics (of which there are 5 – more if you count the medleys). I wasn’t the biggest fan of Jeff’s solo work, other than the live albums which were exceptional – and the best from that effort, Black Snake Blues, closes the set perfectly. The Armada is a marked improvement, but the first album still hasn’t fully engaged me.

That being said, this set is most definitely worth the download for fans of either or both. For whatever reason, The Armada really hit live and it shows even in these recorded tracks. There’s a few occasions where songs meander and indulge a little bit longer than necessary, which would have been great live but don’t fully translate to the home listening experience. For free, however, that’s an ingracious complaint. Plus, I never get tired of listening to old Tea Party favourites, or – indeed – new interpretations of them. (Listen out for Massive Attack‘s Inertia Creeps on Sister Awake – Jeff’s incantation of that, twice no less, rather resembles a certain famous scene from When Harry Met Sally. Or maybe it’s just me. o.O)

I’m quite sure I’ve mentioned – or at least alluded to – my Tea Party fandom previously. From the first time I heard Drawing Down the Moon and throughout the 90’s, they were much treasured as well as the cause of many a happy memory (on that note, should the boy with the wild curly hair who said “Oh my God! The Tea Party is my favourite band, too!” be reading this, I still want you to teach me to play the piano…) No matter if listening to the old albums, or new versions like this, the songs are timeless – could be why we all, Jeff included, keep going back to them.


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