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Pillars and Tongues: The Pass and Crossings Track Preview

Sometimes, I sit at my desk for a long time. I listen to music and carefully consider what to say about it. Other times I know exactly what to say, or decide to be swift and reckless, applying no filters to what is written. For this, I thought it best I do both.

Pillars and Tongues are magic.

The Making Graceful is from the forthcoming album The Pass and Crossings, due towards the end of June through the wonderful Endless Nest.

A proper review is to come, but in the meantime you can listen to that song, and I can consider just how exactly I will be able to put into words something that is already distilled darn-near perfectly in its own language.

Then we’ll wait until the end of June.



New Releases: Graveface Records

Graveface have become one of my favourite labels in recent times, so it’s a bit criminal I’ve mentioned the name just a couple of times. That aside, here’s three new albums currently available to pre-order, ranging from light psych/pop americana, to gritty, slighty twisted and sometimes jazzy…umm, I’ll just call it ‘rock’, for the sake of ease. The preview tracks below can downloaded via SoundCloud (or, just pre-order the CD or LP – you get an instant download of the full release).

Hospital Ships – Lonely Twin

The Loose Salute – Getting Over Being Under

The Nighty Nite – Dimples

Order these and/or other Graveface releases here.


New Releases: Silber Records

To continue on with the heads up on some of the latest music releases, here’s a couple of new ones from ambient / lo-fi / drone / pop label Silber Records.

Azalia Snail – Celestial Respect

Referred to as the “queen of hypnotic, otherwordly benevolence”¹, Azalia Snail’s music is a unique blend of dreamy, lo-fi pop / shoegaze.

Celestial Respect is available on CD and digital download.


Electric Bird Noise – The Silber Sessions

Collecting together compilation appearances and various other rarities from the last ten years, EBN’s music is seriously delightful.

The Silber Sessions is also available on CD or as a digital download.


Look out for more from Silber Records in a couple of days when May’s swag post goes up.


1.  Joe S. Harrington, Magnet.

New Releases: Music Ruins Lives

Nearing the end of a quieter month for S4E, I thought I’d spend the next couple of days highlighting a few things that, due to a horrendous lack of time and opportunity, I haven’t brought to everyone’s attention yet. (On that note, if you’re one of the very lovely people waiting on a review, rest assured that it is forthcoming).

You might remember a few of months ago I mentioned the latest releases from Music Ruins Lives (the Bad Braids release in particular has since become a favourite of mine). I hope some of you heeded the warning I issued back then about the limited availability of their releases and kept a close watch on the label (if not, go subscribe to the blog, then you won’t have to wait until I catch up with everything and risk being too late, as once again physical copies of their three latest releases are getting scarce, or sold out, already.

Life In The DarkThe Sunya Is Rising/Limbs In Gloom

This release sold out during the pre-order process, but you can currently grab it on digital format via Bandcamp.


Sequences & Isolated ExistenceGraminaea/Poaceae Split

Currently available on CD with an exclusive collaborative track.



Still available as a pre-order, but only 20-odd copies left available from the original 100.


Take a moment to listen, but if you like what you hear don’t waste any more before the chance to grab a copy is gone.