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Rivulets + Nadja + Boduf Songs = Infinite Light Ltd.

Often, when I hear about collaborations involving a favoured artist, I have to look up who the other parties are. That’s generally a good thing, of course, as it opens up a whole new sound and discography to explore. With this upcoming release by collective Infinite Light Ltd, however, I’m not only aware of each individual artist, but consider myself a fan of them all.

While surprised (and I don’t even know why, though I never would have predicted it, it somehow makes sense), I was definitely intrigued to learn Nathan Amundson (Rivulets), Aidan Baker (Nadja et al) and Mat Sweet (Boduf Songs), had teamed together for what sounds like one of the more interesting projects this year.

While musically the project seems to have resulted in an eclectic mix (folk, blues, electronica, post rock and ambient drone), each artist brings a unique form of closeness (for lack of a better word) in their other work, so I’m keen to hear how those respective intimacies will play out. Or off one another, as the case may be.

Released May 13, you can pre-order the album now, or stream three of the album’s ten tracks, over on Denovali. Having taken a quick listen,  I’m certainly looking forward to hearing the album in full.



Rivulets – Stray Songs: 2000-2010

A quick follow up for now to this recent post, just to mention that this compilation was released yesterday. Pretty much perfect timing for me as I’ve been quite keen to explore this music in greater depth; with the collection spanning ten years I couldn’t ask for a better way to do so.

Comprised of singles, live versions, alternate takes, covers and tracks featured on various compilations, Stray Songs contains a total of 27 tracks – really quite the perfect thing for anyone looking to find out what I’m making a fuss about, as well as offering plenty for those that have known all along.

It’s a digital only, self-release, so please do yourself, the artist, and the world a favour by heading over to any of the following stores to purchase a copy; then tell everyone you know how great it is – it might just be the only way they’ll ever know.




For those interested in the tracklisting:

  1. I Told Jesus Christ How Much I Love Her
  2. Brownies
  3. Lazarus
  4. Broken Hearted Wine
  5. You’re Always Going Away
  6. Keep You From Harm
  7. Waited For You (live)
  8. Can’t I Wonder (solo)
  9. Painbirds
  10. Birds For Ellen
  11. Anymore
  12. Sung
  13. You Will Miss Me When I Burn
  14. To Be Home
  15. Waited For You (solo)
  16. Shakes (live)
  17. Holocaust (live)
  18. Blue Moon
  19. The Sunsets Can Be Beautiful (alternate)
  20. Your Light and How It Shined (micro)
  21. In Dream
  22. In An Aarctika Womb
  23. Will You Be There (demo)
  24. Medication
  25. The Sunsets Can Be Beautiful (micro)
  26. Barrelling Towards Nowhere Like There’s No Tomorrow (live)
  27. This Christmas

That’s just over 140 minutes of some purely beautiful music, and more than worth the humble price. Get into it!


Rivulets – Original Demos EP Re-Released

Rivulets – d e m o s

I’m a pretty new to the music of Rivulets (AKA Nathan Amundson), having taken the opportunity to listen to the acoustic version of Stead (from 2002’s Thank You Reykjavik) just a few months ago. It was one of those songs that is so immediately easy to love and inspired the quest to hear more, but I’ve been taking my own sweet time about it. After a track here and there, Debridement finally became my first proper foray into the Rivulets catalogue – which is really quite wonderful and has been on high rotation the last couple of weeks.

Of course, it does further the desire to hear more, so alongside putting all current releases on my ever-growing ‘wish list’, I was happy to learn that not only was a new album planned for release in the near future, but that a recording of demos was recently made available to download via Silber Records, for the more than reasonable sum of US$5.00. (I’m also quite looking forward to the planned Stray Songs, which, according to a post on the Rivulets website, will be a complete collection of singles, compilation tracks and covers spanning 2000-2010).

Originally self-released in 2000 on CDr and containing four tracks, the  digital-only re-release of d e m o s has been expanded by an additional 6 tracks. Unfortunately for me, I’m not familiar with any of the later incarnations of these songs yet, so it’s impossible for me to get the same kind of insight from them that long-time fans might, but even without that history I can certainly appreciate them – some really nice, occasionally raw, work.

From the Silber Records website (for those a little more in the know than me ;)):

d e m o s” captures an era of Rivulets that hasn’t been documented elsewhere. During the first formative year of Rivulets, an important part of the band was bass player Jason Seckel, who’s minimal long sustained notes style can finally be heard for the first time by many fans. You get to hear early versions of songs like “Four Weeks” & “Past Life” along with unreleased songs like “Sick Love” & our personal favorite “Anyway.”

Visit here to go get your copy of d e m o s.

For my part, Rivulets is assuredly recommended for fans of softly spoken, highly charged acoustic slowcore – and quite likely to appeal to fans of Boduf Songs, Tiny Vipers, Jessica Bailiff (who has, I see, been a collaborator on a few projects) and Spokane.

Need more convincing? Watch, listen and ♥ this live performance of The Road.