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June’s Swag: Free (& Legal) Music Downloads

Ok, I’m hideously behind on posts here, so this month (well, last month, actually) gets the cuckoo clock bag.

Don’t forget about Denovali’s new MP3 store, either, with 17 different releases available for free.

Damn Robot! – Hunang Skrímsli
Electronic/Ambient | 78MB – 320 kbps MP3s
I reviewed this a short while ago on [sic], but if you missed that all you need to know is that this low-key release combines elements of ambient electronica, trip hop and post rock, resulting in a lovely album that is both soothing mood music and an energised listen.

Battle Pope – Pantless Carnage EP
Punk/Thrash/Grind | 27MB – 320 kbps MP3s
Featuring members from Aussie bands Adrift For Days, Serious Beak, Kill A Celebrity and Ebolie, and probably not recommended for taking along to your Sunday School Social – unless you feel like being forcefully baptised in whatever they find handy (holy water, fire…) Also, whenever I play this, I pretend there’s only five tracks; I did listen to about a minute of the last track, once.

Balmorhea – Daytrotter Session
Acoustic/Instrumental| 13MB 128 kbps MP3
The second session from Austin’s 6-piece instrumental group, and a highly recommended one at that. Quite a bit more energetic than the last session – which was quite mellow and folky, this probably falls somewhere between The Monroe Transfer and GY!BE. You can grab them here.

Beko / Skrot Up – Compilation
Experimental/Lo-Fi | 116MB – 320 kbps MP3s
One of the best labels (Skrot Up) around for lo-fi, experimental indie music, teamed up with digital singles label Beko for this free compilation. Featuring 12 tracks by different artists and described as “slowed down dirges, strange sounds, punchy beats, 8-bit manifestos, prolonged explorations of lateral thinking (that sounds familiar!), synth creepers, warped pop, syrupy industrial and weird metallic clatter.”

Look for this cover on the site:

ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror London Mixtape
Almost two hours in duration, this mixtape is exactly what the title suggests and features artists such as GY!BE, Portishead, Swans, PJ Harvey, Grinderman plus a whole bunch of others. You can download it from the player below, or check here for more info.

Bat For Lashes – 10 Best Cover Songs
Another collection, ranked and offered via Stereogum, this time it’s (mostly) a bunch of lo-fi live recordings, with BFL covering The Cure (twice), Radiohead, Depeche Mode, et al. Sound quality etc is variable, but worth the downloads for fans. Go grab them here. (If you check it out, you might notice a link in the comments section to SVELTA’s version of Horse And I – another free download, and worth following up).

Fear And Loathing
Punk/Rock | 13MB – 128 kbps MP3s
These guys have been stalwarts of the Adelaide scene for a long time (I still have my F&L “Beer Fat is Good Fat” stubby holder, bought circa 1994). You can get three tracks via JJJ’s Unearthed site – go get edumacated.



Mixtape, Moving Pictures & Maw

Depending on your time zone, this would either go in yesterday’s post, or you’d have to wait a whole month to hear about it (here). Since I heard about it this morning, and I didn’t want to tack it on to yesterday’s post, I figured everyone else should know about it now, too.

The label Skrot Up, whom it should be well known I have a certain fondness for, have just released a mixtape featuring 16 of the label’s artists. The mixtape is available to download in MP3 format, either as individual files or two extended MP3s, to give you that cassette experience. You can download it over at Redefine Magazine, and – as they say – it “should serve as a great introduction to a label that is constantly releasing artful, challenging electronic, experimental, and psychedelic lo-fi music“. Indeed.

The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Tongue And Teeth – “Just Dogs”
  2. The Secret Society Of The Sonic Six – “Bump Sonically Speaking”
  3. Balaclavas – “Sick Pants”
  4. Rape Faction – “White Boy Uptown”
  5. Grem – “Closer”
  6. Kid Romance – “Not Your Persona”
  7. Florene – “Capital”
  8. Grave Babies – “Ghost”
  9. High Marks – “Revenge”
  10. Dharma – “Dark Magicks”
  11. Wicked Crafts – “Thought Of A Present”
  12. After After After – “Radiation”
  13. The Darkest Love – “Your Turn”
  14. Chevalier Avant Garde – “Loss”
  15. Puberty – “By A Car”
  16. Passion Party – “Untitled”
In other News…

While I’m here, I may as well let my fellow Her Name is Calla fans know about a couple of things, if they didn’t already. First, the unfortunately failed attempt at a live, acoustic loungeroom session has resulted in the recording of a few tracks currently available to watch on YouTube. (I am convinced that if I hadn’t gotten up at 4:30am to watch it, it would have gone on without a hitch – nearly every time I tried to get rid of the ads onscreen, the feed cut out simultaneously 😮 ). Anyway, you can watch Tom and Sophie perform lovely versions of With Eyes So Full of Sparks of Love, The Long Distance Runner (the hidden track at the end of The Heritage) and Kate Bush‘s Running Up That Hill.

From today, they’re also previewing the tracks from the upcoming 10″ release, Maw. Over the next three Mondays, each track will be up on SoundCloud for 24 hours. You can see the artwork for it, too.

Today it’s the title track, Maw. Check it out here.



Some Kinda Jazz

A week into October and I’m thus far yet to let the world know what’s floating my musical boat – madness! (Actually, now that I think of it, what would float a musical boat? Oh, that is just asking for myriad groan-worthy puns: Buoy George…erm, I’m sure there are more drifting around out there, someone else can think of them).

Anyway, I have been erstwhile engaged with a review for [sic], as well as all sorts of other crazy goings on, so what I’m about to do now is the blogging equivalent of a scat, and summarise my week in short bursts of random noise.


A cassingle I had to have:

Why? Because it has a new Pillars and Tongues track on it, and they make music so awesome that it’s very necessary. Last album was vinyl only, I bought it even though I still don’t have a record player. Now it’s cassette, and I don’t have a cassette player either. In my defence, though, the cassette  has complimentary downloads of the tracks, the other of which is by a band named This Is Cinema, who I have to admit I hadn’t heard of before, but I took a listen to some stuff over at the website where I purchased the tape (Hotel Earth) and am now quite intrigued and looking forward to hearing more.

(Let’s not mention at all that this is actually the third cassette I’ve bought since my fairly notable tirade against them… I mean, sure, it’s probably significant which artists I’ve made an exception for, but knowing that I rate Lois Magic above such convictions will just make me look even more a hypocrite and put my entire reputation into question, and I’m hardly likely to be prepared to do that, am I?).

On a completely unrelated note, Lois Magic is awesome and if you don’t believe me, go buy Desert Colour at Skrot Up. If you’re not quite up for that, at least pay a visit to Last.fm and grab the free tracks from an EP called Killer Looks.


The last in a long line of Beekeepers

I am about to make the above mine, thus bringing a near-three year long quest to its close. There has been some good times and some very dark times along the way, but I’ll be damned if I’ll say it wasn’t worth it.


What are you waiting for?


Help me make this happen, people, else I shall get very cross.

More cross that I get when people suddenly decide to listen to each of their mobile phone ringtones at 5am, and when I yell at them to shut the hell up, they start singing them instead. Out of key.


I Know One Thing…

…and that’s my super-awesome little collage of albums in the sidebar showing what I’ve been listening to sure looks pretty, but it has a couple of drawbacks. If you don’t recognise the album covers, you’ll have no idea what I’ve been listening to (and I maintain – as indicated with an older post – that everyone wants to know what I’m listening to). Secondly, because it’s a widget generated from Last.fm data, if there isn’t any album art available there, it’s a no-show here. So here’s some stuff Last.fm seemingly don’t want you to know (or even know that you don’t know o.O).

Lois Magic

…is awesome. I’ve been digging this music a lot the last couple of months – one of those nifty inadvertant discoveries that hooks you straight away. Via a different rec (which I’ll get to in a minute ;)), I found myself on the Bandcamp page for Free Loving Anarchists and this release:

Comprised of four tracks by Sealings and three by Lois Magic. Currently the deal is for a CD, cassette and immediate download of the release, for the princely sum of US$7.00 (limited to 100 physical copies and the one I received is #77 so I’m guessing it’d be getting close to sold out by now – go get it if you can).

It’s definitely well worth getting your hands on – Metropole is already my most played track for the last three months, which means it’s nothing short of awesome because I haven’t had it that long.  Not going to go into too much detail with descriptors (really, awesome is enough ;)), but if you like your music  to be simple, charming and chaotic all at the same time, check it out. Incidentally, Lois Magic is set to release a new cassette via Skrot Up, which I’ll be reviewing soon over at [sic], so keep an eye out for it there.


…was the rec that had me finding myself there in the first place, and a song called My Boyfriend’s Dead, which isn’t on the release but seems to have generated a bit of internet buzz around the place. And rightly so. t’is a sweet track. The Last.fm bio for Sealings is one word – DEATHGAZE. I agree, it’s pretty much all you need to know, but on the off-chance it’s not enough, just click some links and your curiosity will surely be sated.

What links? The ones above and maybe also these links for a free MP3:

Lois Magic – Dead Quiet @No Pain In Pop

Sealings – My Boyfriend’s Dead @Pinglewood

So, now you know there’s no excuse for not knowing. But, you know, don’t just sit there all knowing, go listen to  make sure you know for sure. Or something.